Anderson joins CentraCare – Paynesville


Dr. Chris Anderson, who is originally from Staples, Minn., will start as a new family physician doctor in Paynesville in September.

“I wanted to get back to a small town and raise a family,” he said.

Anderson attended the University of Minnesota and is a big Gopher fan, having U of M football and basketball season tickets when a college student. Then he attended medical school for two years at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, which focuses on primary care in rural Minnesota, and then finished his medical education at the main U back in the Twin Cities.

For the past three years, Anderson completed his residency in Sioux Falls, S.D., with the Sioux Falls Family Medicine Residency Program at both hospitals in Sioux Falls.

“I’m excited to be here. I’m excited for my first job. I’m eager to get going and build a practice,” he said.

He was attracted to Paynesville because he wanted a broad-scope family practice, including obstetrics and pediatrics. “I like the variety of medicine,” said Anderson of working in a rural clinic. “That reinforces my interest in family medicine. I like to work in the clinic. I like to work in the hospital. I also get to work in the ER.”

His keen interest in obstetrics started when he first delivered babies, which is thrilling. “That’s a special time in families’ lives,” he said. “I’ve always enjoyed that, ever since I started. The first two or three times I did that, I was hooked.”

Anderson, who will work full-time at the Paynesville Medical Clinic, loves pediatrics, too. (Obstetrics and pediatrics are the only specialties he considered in medicine.) Well-child checks are another nice way to see healthy people, he feels.

Anderson became a doctor because it seemed to be a good fit with his scientific mind. He also wanted  “to give back to society.” He and his older brother, who is a biomedical engineer, are first-generation college graduates.

When visiting potential employers, the broad-based practice, the town, and his future partners were attractions to Anderson. “I found there was a great group of colleagues – my future partners – who I was eager to work with,” he said.

Paynesville is 90 minutes from his hometown and to his wife Jessica’s hometown of Brainerd. It is also 90 minutes from the Twin Cities.

The Paynesville Clinic staff, during a tour, was extremely friendly. “We felt it was the best fit,” said Anderson. “We liked the area. We liked the feel of the town. We want to put down roots.”

The Andersons have one daughter Eva, who will be two this fall, and a second daughter due in August. They moved into their new house in Paynesville in late June.

Jessica, who is a registered nurse, is planning to return to work after her maternity leave.

Anderson was a three-time state team champion in cross country for Staples-Motley. The only year during his high school career when the Cardinals did not win the state title…in 2000…they were beaten by Paynesville for the Class A championship.

He still likes to run, “Jogging, I call it now.”

Away from work, he also likes to spend time with family, to go to sporting events, especially the Gophers and the Twins, to hike, to kayak, and to travel.


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